It’s time to put on your dancing shoes, as coaching meets Strictly in our final session for 2016 on 6th December. We’re exploring tango as a metaphor for the relational interactions that we play out in coaching. Book now with Eventbrite.

APECS member John Leary-Joyce will outline the practical and philosophical link between tango and coaching as a relational practice. He’ll draw out from tango the implications for the coach as both leader and follower.

John is founder and CEO of the Academy of Executive Coaching. He has been a Gestalt practitioner for 30 years so finding tango with its emphasis on presence and physical communication, in the immediacy of the relationship, was a dream come true. He has studied tango in London with many teachers from Europe and Argentina, and danced in most cities in Europe.

In tango:

  • the leader creates a space where the follower wants to step into
  • the structure provides the container for improvisation and innovation
  • the environment influences what can/cannot be created
  • the dialogue is established through attention to body language
  • the quality of flow in the dance depends on the level of connection and empathy

Are these not elements that also apply to coaching?

Drawing on The Inner Game of Sport, Gestalt, body awareness and mindfulness, John will lead us through a series of practical exercises. These will enable experience of the essence of leading and following and how this applies to your coaching. It will be insightful on a personal level. There will be plenty of opportunity to observe each other, provide coaching and discuss the implications with colleagues.

We will not be concerned about gender in the leader and follower roles. Everyone will be expected to do both roles and work with same or opposite genders.

Ed Balls won’t be with us. But there’s plenty of fun to be had as you make tango your CPD.

6th December 2016, 6.30pm to 8.30pm
Space in Marylebone, 10 Daventry Street, London NW1 5NX
Members £30; Non-members £35

Book with Eventbrite

Image courtesy Fabrício Marcon.


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