Nobody buys coaching

business meeting

By Martin Vogel

After the Brexit vote, coaches face challenging conditions. In times of crisis and uncertainty,if businesses will reign in spending, coaching will look like an unaffordable luxury for many organisations.

Stephen-Newton-225x300Stephen Newton, will challenge preconceptions about how to go about selling professional services. Potential clients, he says, are not generally in the market to buy coaching: they’re looking for solutions to their problems and avenues to fulfil their dreams.

Stephen is a former Army officer and City sales director turned coach and expert on business development. He’s the author of four books including Success as a Coach.

In Stephen’s view, coaches concentrate too much in their business development on the hygiene factors of coaching: ethical standards, good practice and so forth. They shoud be concentrating much more on connecting with potential clients around their aspirations and emotional drivers. He’ll be presenting a model to help coaches think about how to do this in their business development meetings.

As usual, there’ll be plenty of opportunity for participants to shape the conversation. So we can learn from each other’s thoughts and fears about developing business.

If the market for coaching turns uncertain, we’re going to have to be much more creative in convincing clients about the value we bring. Don’t miss this opportunity to think afresh about how to build commercial success in a difficult market.

Nobody buys coaching
19 July 2016, 6.30–8.30pm
Space in Marylebone, 10 Daventry Street, London NW1 5NX
Members £36 inc. VAT; Non-members £42 inc. VAT

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Image courtesy Andrés García.

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