Leading for trust


By Martin Vogel

APECS’ new programme of monthly events is called The Real Sessions. Based on feedback from members, we’ve designed it around three themes:

  • Conversations with real business leaders
  • Peer CPD, usually hosted by APECS members
  • Business development for coaches

Our first session of 2016, kicking off the business leaders strand on 21 January, will be on trust – or, more precisely, leading for trust. We’ll be joined by Robert Phillips, co-founder of Jericho Chambers and former CEO in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for Edelman. That CV summarises a career transition from leading the world’s largest PR agency to running a disruptive boutique consultancy which aims to help companies and organisations navigate “revolutionary times”.

Robert has recently published Trust Me, PR is Dead. It addresses the crisis of trust in business that his former company has tracked over the years with its annual trust barometer. Robert calls time on the PR practice of managing the message rather than the underlying practice of business.

Robert’s book contains engaging stories of the battle scars he received when advising corporate PR clients to stop doing things that were gaining them bad publicity instead of trying to spin their way out of trouble. His challenge for leaders is to think of themselves as activists and to co-produce their leadership, putting purpose before profit. You can read more about Robert’s book in my review of Trust Me, PR is Dead. You can also look at Robert’s blog.

In dissecting the PR industry, Robert also raises questions for business leaders and thus for us as coaches who work with executives. Should we be helping them to get to grips with this agenda for revolutionary times or do we hold ourselves aloof from such questions? As an aspiring profession, what is our responsibility to society when we go into companies? And – if trust is an outcome, not a message – why should prospective clients trust us when we offer to delve into their worlds?

The aim of The Real Sessions is to foster peer discussion. Robert will be help frame the topic for the evening and then will join in the conversation. There will be small group discussion and plenty of opportunity to connect with others in the room around the question of trust.

Trust is an Outcome, Not a Message
21 January 2016, 6.30–8.30pm
Space in Marylebone, 10 Daventry Street, London NW1 5NX
Members £35 inc. VAT; Non-members £42 inc. VAT

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Image courtesy Eddy Pula.

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